First Blog Spot

Help, I’ve blogged and I can’t get it up, as it Were . 


blog till i drop? I arrive late the party has a lot of drunks i see, gawkers and talkers, to blog or not to blog for the aged, dreaded baby boomers might opine again, all those flaky hermaphrodites in drag, how so is but an opinion, i enjoy the idea of a boom in copulation for pleasure relief procreation expression removal of rocks, yeah we came out of this aching desire to slam and boom, thump, bop in the sack get animal and be human, i see my folks having at it, in the mountains by the fire with the whiskey and the beer and the Chesterfields, Mom was a Celtic beauty, dark, willowy stunning in my tiny brain and it’s function, Dad was a Tyrone Power dude with his greased hair parted in the middle, there is photo of him sitting at the base of a waterfall, striped tee shirt chinos and saddle shoes, cigarette in nature, possibly Vermont, then the photo of Her, top of the stairs canopy of black and white trees, standing in the dappled sunlight dressed in a smile, the one who got banged in love the night before, in pain or prayer she surrendered to my father and they got me, not bad, they were happy, felt good the fire was as was supposed to be the whiskey was warm and right, Billie Holliday, maybe, Lionel Hampton pumpin’ vibes to my boomers, rock me baby, rock me all night long, no one will hear you if you scream, i feel an explosion comin’ on, not all boomers get babies baby, some get crusts, leftovers, nothin’ shakin’ some grow up to be crustacians, meet them and eat them, my folks did it right, right, hetero right with questionable and secret spices, but their kids are a mix of all of that and more, OK, so, mom absorbs dad’s token of love and passion and nurtures it with everything she’s got, i get it from them but she coats me with what ever she has in her, Boom, she’s fucked and pregnant and happy and i have a reservation in Elizabeth on the 13th of June, the war is over Boom, i show up in 1948, i look around and around and feel dizzy, fluids become questions…so, is this how this blog thing works?


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