About Shimon James, Pete James, Pete Jacobs, Shimon Jacobs, Peter James Francis Waters Jr. and assorted characters that i have known and imitated in times needed, that’s what i’m about, i write, poetry and musical verse, chronicle, journal, travel and meet people, play the blues smoke cannabis and live in South America, i am living with life threatening illness at the present and expect to die, i am blogging to have something to leave somewhere in some corner of cyberspace. Maybe my kids will find it.

No one gets to really know another, impressions that feel good give some knowledge, what we do tells on us, say what you will, your sashayin’ ass tells on you and not to me, look at what i did, not what i said, i said a whole lot of stuff, i was a venerable lip flapper, who remembers my sermons and lectures? Do the dead remember you? I remember them and their icy warm hands clasped over mine, no one knows those tears except the one you shed them with, not mourning, it’s stretching to see or feel beyond a sick bed, be transcendence, be Jesus, Buddha or Krishna, the act of being, compassion, love, care, forgiveness, i was about the act, maybe i still am, let’s find out in the days ahead.


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