Happy Birthday Petey,

DSCF4177 Happy Birthday Pete !  67 x365 x24 x 1948 orbits , and still spinning tales taller than a trade center in free fall , higher than a rockstar at intermission,  way up and off the wall like a handball . So , they think and so I play the role of Foolish ranting dipshit on crack , ha ha , you wish I was nuts , don’t you ? or Do you wonder about this insanity that I rant about ?  What if I am right about these things I write ?  Remember, I was right about Vietnam , I was right about Nixon , I was right about the 2008 recession , I was right about Bush and his Bushes , damn , I am smart , aren’t I  ? …I know who killed JFK …and you don’t . I don’t guess, I know the whole Crew .

1948 …what happened ? my mother and father’s love came to full term in me , God established me and Israel within days of one another . That means nothing to whom it means Nothing, and to those who see an eternal continuum, it only establishes our trajectory , we are on course to fulfill the Book’s predestination . a day is as a thousand and a thousand is as a day in the place of NoTimeNoSpace.  where we are hip cute sweet sexy strong silly and beautiful , holy compassionate , caring and loving forever ?  Says Who ? When and For God’s sake Where ?  Generation upon generation waits and waits for …what ?  Where is the Promise of His return ? When will He return , c’mon Petey ?

Mine has been an exciting life , unusual and filled with danger and drama and conflicts , yeah , difficult, and worth every pain and tear it took , I wouldn’t change a thing . When I was 15 my president was assassinated on November 22, 1963 , I was in a speech class , my life took a plunge to subterranean frequencies and tides . I found the underground back then as a suburban teen delinquent. That train was heading left and I was grabbing at the handle to go anywhere that the rest of the gang wasn’t going …most likely I’d go my way and they could go anywhere they wanted , I wasn’t going .

I headed out in 1966 for the west and kept going west until West became East …it was a Zen moment .  I got stopped by the Buddha …we talked, I asked the questions , he gave me directions … He said , “..find Jesus and talk this over …”  in July of that year , I became an evangelical Christian and began studying the Bible … welcome Thomas Merton . I devoted the next 40+ years to Jesus Christ . I have all the qualifications on paper , I have all the experience and I made a difference in my neighborhood , I have not one thing that I am ashamed of , so accuse me , please . I could run for any of your dirty little political offices and you couldn’t fling not a single dingleberry my way , ask me if I did this or that , I’ll tell ya my secrets, I did it , I’ll admit it , accuse me , please , lets dance awhile . I wouldn’t take any of your dirty offices in your dirty slimy political cesspool government to sell tickets to a version of Thunderball . I am a Disciple of the Living Savior .

Now there are no axes to grind or machetes to sharpen, My race has been run and  I’m ready for departure, my song is the same, it remains . Do your thing Folks , mark my words , enjoy your life for all it is worth to you , there’s a time and a season for everything , party till the End of stuff , don’t wait , go on vacation and kiss your kids and dogs …for God’s Sake stop and smell His flowers . Got the Time ? if you can still see the flowers, notice them and their perfect beauty , they smell good and refreshing, better than Napalm and false victories . Happy Birthday from all my friends that got shot to shit on the delta , savanna , roadways ,jungles , skies and seas . Thanks Fellas and gals .

Happy Birthday Petey ! what a head ! too much of nothing will drive a man insane and look for another brain . I’m that miner for the hearts of gold , it’s hard and dangerous work but well worth it , I have no complaints . This is my school of the Fine Arts of Living , Adapting,and Surviving, for Identifying the Social Moral Ethical and Economic Holocausts in Progress.

Happy Birth Days Pete , can we do it Again ? … It Repeats .  So lets all get Born Again , we’ll get better service next time. Thank you for my Birth Days Up Side Down Cake . It’s been an unexpected pleasure to grow this old and watch the river flow, from my bank of sand …down into my easy chair , shoot, I ain’t goin’ anywhere …where’s that Joint ?