Back on my Tracks

Been away , been sick , been real tired , eating out of dumpsters with thugs and thieves , been homeless, beat up and attacked by murderers , been to church , been down to the river , and had a girl rape me and threaten me … “hunted like a crocodile, ravaged in the corn , I offered up my innocence , got repaid with Scorn …” Dylan …this is not about them , tis is not about you and how you like me , people and situations … I am guilty ! I am profane , I am not nice and I care nothing for your lousy approval or promotions , No I am not bitter and cynical , I am sick of eating out of your hands and being satisfied that You (of all the peoples in this world) will pat me on my head get your rocks off on me and then urinate your sanctimonious piss on me …Ha Ha ha !  Piss up a rope and then use it for a decoration in your wardrobe of tasteless useless information , sell it to a pauper for your next meal , No , I never unloaded on you and your ilk , things have changed , and please read between my lines , see if there is another message in here for you ….yes , my love , you know who you are …all of you , I include my own relatives , want to throw garbage ? you ain’t seen a shit storm , yet, I warned y’all …now you deal with it …ya wanna be free in your country , you think you are free ? and thats all there is to it ? Guess again , we are all goin down in the Flood, so check the lifeboats you will need them .

I received your message about your broken doorknobs and window latches , then you ask how I’m doing …was that some kind of joke ?