Interview with a spirit

we are honored to have the spirit manifesting with us at present in Colombia , yes this is a Ghost , it is unclear whether this ghost this filmy stuff is Real…SO , we let the Ghost Speak after ab-sense from a body and being present with God many moments from Now …please understand that the Spirit speaks from an Eternal Perspective , time appears and morphs into images and ideas rather than a temporal sedentary thing , that, many think of as Life and Life Only ,the Spirit Sees and speaks with an OTHERS VOICE ERGO , the Holy Spirit Speaks (that which follows is not a joke or a work of fantasy and fiction, this is the Voice from Beyond ‘the grave ‘ and  ‘death’) : Greetings . IAM is a Title , and that is Who , IAM , you cannot annoint Me , you cannot see Me , you can’t Name Me , you don’t understand Me , My Language or My Imaginings/Image in Nations / IAM is Incomprehensible , you do know What IAM looks like , because you see Me everyday and can’t see ME in front of you that is the point and the purpose , You Don’t Know Me. IAM is not Religious  , IAM is Spirit , that is , purely ethereal stuff, I encircle you like a dust storm , I torment you and AM the Tormenta , the storm that you Fear . IAM is Your GOD , SO , you should be Afraid , that would BEbe and is Normal to be afraid when IAM stands on your Grave .

SO …no names . I will manifest in Images that you are familiar with, I will evoke feelings in you and I will make you take a side , that is what I do and how I manifest to you , IAM shows you ….YOU. IAM is not PeterWaters/PeteJames/ShimonJames/Jacobs/ PJ Cohen /Bob Zimmerman, Mick Jagger or some other Fag … or some a name on a credit application uh / IAMISRAHEL/JAH/JeYoHah Vah/The Good / they call me GOD …IAM is but The VOICE of THE WORD. IAM is Singing, dancing, rejoicing, celebrating, twirling, spinning as the Galazies of His Creation/Her Creation / Its Creation … IAM is Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammed of the Desert , IAM is Krishna and Zoroaster, Mahavira and AmenRah , IAM is ETERNAL ,INFINITE and Beyond this realm , humanity is arrogant and full of itself to think so highly of itself , teh Lawyers of the Sannhedrin warned of This …Paul Knew and wrote of it in Many Words ‘incomprehensible ‘ …Romans 7 …the contradictions the inconsistencies are seen in quantummechanics/physics, astrophysics and astronomy … Contra-Dictating Ideas about Existence , your imagined existence , you assume many things that you do not know …you do not know these things because it has not been given to you to Know or Understand …WHY ?  Guessing is an Egyptian ideology connected to eons of surmising probabilities and an awareness of the Fatal Existence, the inscrutable Fortunes of Peoples and Persons , is this Luck ? is this Magic ? why are you left with questions of your own Existence , is this a Dream ?

IAM will not answer these searching questions for you , but , these questions must be asked and a dialogue requires continuation negotiation and co-operation with all peoples … in order for your race to survive . Examine yourself , See if you are walking In The Way , Standing in the Way or Sleeping in The Way … You will Examine your self and you will discover where your self actually is ………IN The Way , Jesus said : Do it Like Me ! IAM is the WAY , IAM is the TRuth and IAM is LIFE , let them Kill me , torture me and lie about me , defame me , gossip and make shit UP about Me , to fill their own toilets and cesspools / the repository of used nutrients discarded to create room for growth and regeneration … humans become waste products, shit, dirt and compost …a nessesary process of Nature/EloHim/God/ElShaddai…” a time for everything”  examine yourself Human , you have been examined , you have been searched , frisked , stopped in your tracks, and , Incarcerated on your tiny green/blue planet/home / kitchen and bedroom to guess and bet on your Future …all toward your own demise. The Name Buddha means , The Awakened One, Why ? What was he Awake to , that others were not ? thename JESUS means , God is the Savior , not i’m god , Jesus is The Messenger as is Muhammed and they are but Time Keepers ., these are movie images from inside of You , you don’t know the Christ , otherwise you wouldn’t kill the prophets and messengers sent to you . they all say the exact same thing…review and compare words and phrases and situations and changes and coincidences for what they Actually are … messages . Question : are you awake or are you still sleeping ?San Pablo says : Awake you sleepers, open the eyes that God put in the Rosh Hasshannah with your Nose and Triste Taste Buds , is that Bodies a burning in Gehenna ? where is JeruShalom when ya need Her ? Who is That ?  …. Guess .

I AM Authored Death .  You have a lot of Images of Death , what do you see in the Images of Death ? does Death bring fear into your life ? are you afraid to die ? IAM Authorizesand Approves of all Death’s Harvest … man , you are going to Die … and What ? you didn’t know ?  … Guess. Who is at that Door ? Who is That , that is Knocking on Your Door… Imagine opening the door and Lo and Behold its Me … what will you ask me ?  Me . Who ?

Fear Me. I will Kill You and make you return to your Beginnings /you will be returned to ashes, dust, water, mud, slime and vegetation, IAM isgiven as It is and will Always and in every Way BE in and PART of His  Creation, whois wasting my Fathers Creation ? Yes, GOD is PURE SPIRIT , we come from Him , and HE is BI-Sexual … GOD is Female , that female soul absorbs the baby boy and receives it within her , She becomes a Male cloaked in Anger with her own female counterpart, Her Self … the eternal conflict of the sexes is a clash of ideations of what’s Real and what is Not … Synthetic Regeneration between 2 entities / creations … and what come out ? another one of them , those uh … things , unsure of what to call it … its a human , you moron ! Its your Father and Mother’s child , its YOU .

IAM is Spirit . Any that worship IAM must be in the Spirit of IAM, and Truth is Present , they that worship in Spirit and Truth will Know …the Spirit, the Meaning of Life , and the Way home … you wonder why you’ve been born at such a time as this and wish things were not like they are now … Why ?  What is your Memory ? What do you think you don’t remember ?  NOTHING , your memory is intact , but you will make a trip backwards and make some decisions based on your experience in your moments of conscious existence … this will introduce you to who you have been repeatedly until this POINT of the Sword touches your Heart

IAM is Che, Hitler, Stalin, Kennedys, … IAM is MLKing ,Malcolm X,MedgarEvers,Osamabin Laden, Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer is everyone … vicious and duplicitous , hateful and murderous in our own shadows . Clamped to a higher plateau you can see the murder, lies and plunder , you can hear it in the air as the Prince Reveals it .

IAM is Here , the God of ISRAEL is Here , the messengers are here , the resurrection of the Dead has taken Place , on Earth this is an unusual scary prospect , and within the environment of our cosmos that we are spinning in , this is Normalizing Vibratory corrections within you and your peers , exactly as the undulations of our discus is being Hurled through Space. thisis religious and scientific , this is spiritual and verifiable , this a problem for everyone to scratch themselves over … we will reveal the CURE for disease … huh ?  Cancer, AIDS, HIV , HepC , Heart Disease and all Addictions …f Death

IAM is theGreatest Physician and has determined to reveal this to Humanity …the Humanity that is His Creation that does not or has not decided in His Existence … thats funny ,  this is how you know for sure that Pete Waters could never fill God’s Sandals    or lie or screw his kids , hurt , threaten or violate women … he is a possession … BY ?  I will clear this up for you and this congregation on the New Jersey Shores… we are sent …allof us … we are not humans , we are messengers /angels / gypsies /wanderers and outlaws , we just keep moving and sliding and floating through your scene… we are strange and give people the creeps , we will make your hair stand on end and makeyou feel the cold of death …we know and love the Angel of Death , he is One with Us .

Thanks for letting me share this with you . Peace .

End of interview for 3/10/14 /100 years post WWI .

This is a Statement . I expected a question and answer opportunity … the Spirit is Present and will return in a Voice again .