Jorge Mario Osorno , my Son

Jorge Mario Osorno , my Son

young while here, old while he is away , all business and technology , knowing the Latest and swearing by the greatest … and I don’t ask Why , and its OK , now , Mami is Fine and so are your Kids I don’t miss you, I’m use to the old / new non-look of the happily and deadly departed , I’m grateful for the exit that you took , very clean , no blood or fluids allover the place … but , Nice Touch in front of the flag in the Toyota , you understood a clean class exit and you nailed it … sure its a shock to find a dead kid, son, brother, uncle, Daddy/Papi in the garage but at least you didn’t hang your bad self and we didn’t have to cut you down … the cops got your gun , Santa died with you . I love you Koky .


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