O Faust , Surely you Joust

lets get somethin strait , I spell bad , write bad , puncuate badly or bad sometime… s , and , I write because I am Rene Descartes in disguise and don’t need the money . so lets get on with it , you don’t care what I have to say and I don’t give a shit if you listen …or not , now …  y shud i rite ?  hooooooo krrrrrrrrrrrrsssss ? nooooooo oneeeeeeeeeeeee !1 It is my job to communicate with you ,we need to figure this out together because … you will benefit …  

mine is not a game ,mine is a riddle and sometimes its a rhyme , mine is the middle of the end of time , if I don’t play with you you won’t listen and even when you do , you have not a clue as to what I said about being sad. I believe we had many a session about the strange malady doctors call depression or maybe its manic like being in a panic , not an attack, its more like a syndrome that keeps changing it poles , yeah , like north and south , positive and negative , energizer and duracell somewhere between heaven and hell … who knows ? an excellent question . and there must be an answer for an excellent question … anyone asking any questions anymore ? or does everybody have satisfactory answers and comclusions about … anything ? everything ? nothing ? Some Thing ?  Does Life Have a Meaning ?  O Christ Who Knows ? … ask you freakin’ moron , ask !

I have struck every deal with every devil that I have ever met every time , … Why even entertain such a thought ?  because it is True and I will happily discuss Christian demonology along with ‘other’ demonologies, along with the grand mythology going from Constantine to the Present Clerical / Clinical Yahoos calling themselves ‘Christians’??? I think , get the hell outta here wityh that shit you call christianity is some kind of weird crusty-nanity , but it is definitelt not about this Jew Sage from Nazareth , yeahh the young guy , John’s cousin, yeah the dude with the birth mark over his eye , yejh yeh , what was his name ?  Josh or Joshua, or some Jew name or some shit >>> … what , u mean Jesus ? yeah dass it … JESUS …

I am ordained by GOD Almighty … I did not ask for this . I never sought an ordination from the church that I served for 40 years (in the business since 1968) . I preached (occasionally) in a church , usually for a friend who was going to be out of town , I would get to be the Guest preacher… but most of the time I was sloppin’ the hogs , carryin’ shit and wipin’ noses and asses , and never getting paid for it from The Church … no you were Honored to Give all of your time and services to The Church and their Experts (who do nothing if they are not talking) … there is a simple Christian saying its on a lot of very expensive shoes … Just Do It !

The world would be a better place if there were a few more Humans as the Ones from the Old Days , and I don’t mean the 1950s, go back to when Humans were Honest and Courageous , ya know when Men were Women and Women were Men and the Two were Identical , They were Human. We happen upon an age of Machinery, Robotics, Mechanics, Digitization, Software and Hardware in Invisible Clothes, Technophiles, audio-slaves, Intelligent Phones , TV mirrors, manufactured Reality andUnmanned Death from Above, the 21st century Drone.   Well I declare , I Human ! 

I come from the right and I was born white , that was a good night , I had pivileges and I had hall passes , I got by and I got off and then I got on so That I could get off again. and say all this stuff to you … what did you think I was doing ?  making deal so you could get to meet thee Devil … InCarnate … we’ll chat … not a bad person , once you get to Know Them. 


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