you stoked my flame

harsh and obscene , wet and wild , hot and bothered, smooth as glass,  you blew on coals of my well-done heart, in the heart of darkness, in the belly of your sweaty beast and the clammy hands   a’ wringing , a hoarse voice singing , let me be un-clinging to your chain a’bringing , in your bed , in the wood shed where you store me, let me love you till I am finally perfectly mortally Dead … againImage   


Jorge Mario Osorno , my Son

Jorge Mario Osorno , my Son

young while here, old while he is away , all business and technology , knowing the Latest and swearing by the greatest … and I don’t ask Why , and its OK , now , Mami is Fine and so are your Kids I don’t miss you, I’m use to the old / new non-look of the happily and deadly departed , I’m grateful for the exit that you took , very clean , no blood or fluids allover the place … but , Nice Touch in front of the flag in the Toyota , you understood a clean class exit and you nailed it … sure its a shock to find a dead kid, son, brother, uncle, Daddy/Papi in the garage but at least you didn’t hang your bad self and we didn’t have to cut you down … the cops got your gun , Santa died with you . I love you Koky .

“Fixed moral boundaries are harmful” (Ben Marcus)


—But can you sketch for me a picture of your ethics?

—I think that fixed moral boundaries are harmful, even if they provide momentary comfort and save lives. I think our ethical duty is to eliminate the behavioral corsets that are cinched over children just as their explosive energy is at its most threatening. Is a tantrum disruptive, or does it point to an emotional tunnel we’re afraid of entering? The doctrines of the tantras involve meditation, mantras, ritual, and explosive behavior. We’re talking about ancient ideas that are elementary and obvious to high schoolers. My ethics? I’d like to shed the strictures of adulthood and make maturity an optional result of a freely lived human life, not the necessary path to power and success, lorded over by depressed, overweight, unimaginative corpses. The twenty most central mantras have their roots in baby talk. No one disputes this anymore. A syntax…

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Check your watch, it’s your Watch all along the Watch Tower

“There must be some way out of here , said the joker to the thief, there’s so much confusion, I can’t get no relief , these businessmen , they drink my wine and the plowmen dig my earth , not one of them , along the line know what any of it is worth.

No reason to get excited the thief he kindly spoke, there are many here among us who feel that Life is but a Joke . Yeah, but you and I we’ve been through that , and this is not our fate , so , let’s not talk falsely now , the hour is getting late  .

All along the watchtower princes kept the view, all the women came and went and the barefoot servants too, while outside in the distance a Wild Cat did growl, two riders were approaching , the Wind began to Howl. ”  Bob Dylan ,1967 .  

I’m no fan of modernity, I’m accused of being stuck in the 60s , an old fart that has been passed on the Highway with the wrong directional signal blinking eternally, I was a … what ? When ? do I still wear bells and paisley ? No. I wear denim with a dagger on my belt and a machete in a holster, I fell trees and confront thieves face to face , I challenge their authority and I warn them , in the kingdom of Normandia the king is to be feared , he is benevolent and just and will execute directives with his queen , he is also in charge of making war on adversaries and negotiating the peace upon their surrender in the Kingdom.  

I am surrounded by potential enemies, they are armed , they know I’m here , I have a bullseye and a dollar sign tattooed on me along with an American flag , assassins are hired here for less that 500 dollars , you can be dropped into the Cauca River here and never be seen again. Easy. this not the wild wild west , this is the edge of the Amazon , if men don’t take ya the scorpians will . I don’t drive a vehicle anymore,…’ my feet are my only carriage , so I’ve got to keep on pushin’ through …’ This is not a walk in a Federal Park or a day at the Beach … this is The Forest that we all came from and we think we are all grown up , we think highly of ourselves , we are now civilized , moral creatures that are creative in the dispensation of death and war , starvation and torture,… uh uh uh wait , we’ are not Bad People , Petey !  No ? Oh .

The USA has labeled my country as a destination that is on an International Watch List of dangerous places for Americans to live or visit , we are mafia , drug trafficking Latins , communists , socialists , impoverished laborers, illiterate and still in the throes of civil war, we are corrupt politicians and fascists bent on the subjegation of the People for Profit. The last time I was in the United States I was questioned by a customs cop as to why I spend so much time in Colombia ?  I removed my sunglasses , leveled my eyes on him and politely informed him … “I live there , is there a problem ?  , he looked me up and down and let me go through to my former homeland, where they could keep n eye on me .

They are watching me and I am watching them , when you or they blink that is when I when I use the scalpel on my tongue to sever your carotid artery , I will bleed this government with every stroke of my pen , computer, word processor, typewriter and movie camera, I will use spies, moles spooks agents undercover operatives , hackers and crackers , you are no longer safe from me . Come after me any and all , come and visit my compound , there are 2 flags in my gardens , Colombian and an Antioquian Banderas , soy Latino Ameicano Ahora ! This is my WatchTower, and you cannot see what I see from up here in these mountains, thats too bad … 4 U.

So check the News for your personal favorite take on the World Situation, I’m sure you’ll find someone or something agrees with you. Everything is fine and legislation over the next 20 years will solve all challenges to our Authority. Watch the Fox in your chicken coop with all those homegrown roosters and wannabe watch dogs.

Its Late , its getting later , got hopes ? got democracy and freedom intact ? got guns? how’s that scar on the Pentagon ? that is theeah big mystery cover up of all the theories as to what happened on the 9th month and the 11th day of the second year of the new millenium , Nice Shot ! and Who fired the Shot ? ah hah ! y eah dumb raghead muslims went and got trained at a school for Cessnas and then flies a passenger jet into and througfh an obstacle course to get to the side of that building … OH and you are not allowed to know what happened there, … national security ! and yes I believe that too … NOT. no evidence , no engines( 2 Rolls Royce Engines made of Titanium Steel ) no FCC inquiry , the lawn was covered over to conceal Something that the government did not want you to see or know about … Oh, thats fine, we didn’t want to know the truth and we certainly knew that we would never get it from the government . 

America, you are a cryin’ shame and I am an American that loved and served in his country as my immigrant grand parents did , I gave my life in devotion to the betterment of My People , I cared for your sick and dying , I built your houses and mixed the concrete that support the buildings that you live and work in, I was your hardhat , protester , hippie, social worker, smoking pot, dropping acid and playing at high school dances American. I loved my country, my people surrendered it to save themselves from the Beast of 10 horns and eyes in the skies. I was not your problem , I was your shot at a solution which disappeared like morning dew, he who hesitates is … hesitant, enslaved and LOST . You can Hope though, it springs eternal, you know. Not to worry, my friend in California is sure that the battle of Armageddon will be OK as long as refreshments are served at Half-Time. With a million bucks for 30 seconds to make 2 million comes ideas of simple profit, loss and prosperity , right ? right. I suggest that refugee camps be set upon Wall Street in Manhattan and the brokers who broke these people and ruined their homes and lives and legacies can feed them warm soup, brown bread, Cheerios and coffee before the welfare wagon picks up the sick and dying of the streets. Impossible you think ?   Impossible that educated wealthy successful techno modern people with a huge middle class behind them could succumb to such a fate .

I had dinner with an Iranian helicopter pilot and his family at the end of the 1960s . A Muslim, a Brother , a Rag Head Arab Extremist, one of THEM , my government seperated us and made us into adversaries because of the CIA Politics , nice right ?

Here’s the Point . You have a Virus , its in your leader’s guts, its vile and murderous, you have criminal elements that operate without accountability , you have become a secret society that makes the Knights Templar look like Girl Scouts … but, you like it like that,  and you think that there is no other more peaceful and creative avenues to take , you have run out of ideas a to how to be more creative about killing and disposing of bodies , as your economies sink beneath the pork fat and grease of your bloated septic tank of a country and i really am unimpressed by all your champions and gold medals … find something that you’ll be able to eat and drink , you will need them,  not your gold .  All along the WatchTower what do you see ? have you looked lately or are you concerned about the weather, the economy, Syria, Egypt, and the AIDS epidemic in Africa, the Nuclear waste poisoning the Pacific or Who gets Best Actor for Truth Telling this year ?  

“Keep your eyes wide, the chance won’t come again, this wheel is still in Spin , no tellin’ who that it’s namin’ …”    yeah right , times change, so do people. Still wonder why they Hate Us so much ? Its easy to hate the ugly and the USA has made a career out of being Ugly, Greedy and Arrogant… and thats what I saw as spy up there. I almost got killed in gathering this news for your consideration. I am unconcernd that you won’t read this or heed this , its your country, your government, you elected these morons to protect and guide you … wind your watch, go blind and shake a leg, do the hokey pokey , invoke the name of Thomas Jefferson and spit in the Ocean, cut the cards, the crap and the cake … break your fallow ground, its time to get serious about saving asses in the future. Your Choices , your Sunsets.  Shalom .        

O Faust , Surely you Joust

lets get somethin strait , I spell bad , write bad , puncuate badly or bad sometime… s , and , I write because I am Rene Descartes in disguise and don’t need the money . so lets get on with it , you don’t care what I have to say and I don’t give a shit if you listen …or not , now …  y shud i rite ?  hooooooo krrrrrrrrrrrrsssss ? nooooooo oneeeeeeeeeeeee !1 It is my job to communicate with you ,we need to figure this out together because … you will benefit …  

mine is not a game ,mine is a riddle and sometimes its a rhyme , mine is the middle of the end of time , if I don’t play with you you won’t listen and even when you do , you have not a clue as to what I said about being sad. I believe we had many a session about the strange malady doctors call depression or maybe its manic like being in a panic , not an attack, its more like a syndrome that keeps changing it poles , yeah , like north and south , positive and negative , energizer and duracell somewhere between heaven and hell … who knows ? an excellent question . and there must be an answer for an excellent question … anyone asking any questions anymore ? or does everybody have satisfactory answers and comclusions about … anything ? everything ? nothing ? Some Thing ?  Does Life Have a Meaning ?  O Christ Who Knows ? … ask you freakin’ moron , ask !

I have struck every deal with every devil that I have ever met every time , … Why even entertain such a thought ?  because it is True and I will happily discuss Christian demonology along with ‘other’ demonologies, along with the grand mythology going from Constantine to the Present Clerical / Clinical Yahoos calling themselves ‘Christians’??? I think , get the hell outta here wityh that shit you call christianity is some kind of weird crusty-nanity , but it is definitelt not about this Jew Sage from Nazareth , yeahh the young guy , John’s cousin, yeah the dude with the birth mark over his eye , yejh yeh , what was his name ?  Josh or Joshua, or some Jew name or some shit >>> … what , u mean Jesus ? yeah dass it … JESUS …

I am ordained by GOD Almighty … I did not ask for this . I never sought an ordination from the church that I served for 40 years (in the business since 1968) . I preached (occasionally) in a church , usually for a friend who was going to be out of town , I would get to be the Guest preacher… but most of the time I was sloppin’ the hogs , carryin’ shit and wipin’ noses and asses , and never getting paid for it from The Church … no you were Honored to Give all of your time and services to The Church and their Experts (who do nothing if they are not talking) … there is a simple Christian saying its on a lot of very expensive shoes … Just Do It !

The world would be a better place if there were a few more Humans as the Ones from the Old Days , and I don’t mean the 1950s, go back to when Humans were Honest and Courageous , ya know when Men were Women and Women were Men and the Two were Identical , They were Human. We happen upon an age of Machinery, Robotics, Mechanics, Digitization, Software and Hardware in Invisible Clothes, Technophiles, audio-slaves, Intelligent Phones , TV mirrors, manufactured Reality andUnmanned Death from Above, the 21st century Drone.   Well I declare , I Human ! 

I come from the right and I was born white , that was a good night , I had pivileges and I had hall passes , I got by and I got off and then I got on so That I could get off again. and say all this stuff to you … what did you think I was doing ?  making deal so you could get to meet thee Devil … InCarnate … we’ll chat … not a bad person , once you get to Know Them.