this was deja vu then, as it is now, again

What would you like from me this time ? an androgynous priest that is a bi-polar schizophrenic ? or would a bi-sexual buddhist nun work better ? I had hoped for the Muslim proctologist but that part had been assigned already … damn, I feel like I’m in a play,  but luckily, I am any way, so lets cut to the chase. Let’s talk about reincarnation and Karma, don’t ya think its time to find out what all this chaos is about … the Great Mandala is not garbage can lid spinning in the dark matter.  it is an intricately crafted equation,  that has infinite proportions, frequencies, and vibrations.  it is a particle sculpture,  it evolves before eyes sensitized to the conscious evolution that is occurring constantly. we are experiencing a shift in the earth’s axis, our rotation a has changed, we are completing a 26000 year cycle, we are entering an Age, an Epoch… Things (material things,) have literally Changed,  as our polarity and rotation changes, everythig morphs in a vibrational magnetic and electrical impulse that is Cosmic.  This is not News.

It is News when we can interpret what is being Broadcast to Us from Very Close to Us  , as in Present with Us.  


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