444 in an AM somewhere

the years have been reviewed, filed and concluded, I am resolute and resolved to never make another new year resolution in this life. @447 we are smokin’, sir elton has shown us as much as we can stand at the moment, its all love though, now. stars are all over the place, and not one is twinkling beyond my recognition and they are nobody just like me, NoBody, just, and like me…Old.

there was a hustle for a scene, a rush to get clean, it was during that turning that was burning the shit out of me. but, I was and am some of the way to Some Where right near No Where… can you hold my watch ? there are many here among us who like to Watch, also to wear a Watch while watching can be rewarding…just, Watch. Ah, here’s my scene, and my script, my part, …. my Oscar, my academy, my projectors…or do you prefer me as a protector ?  I’d like to Thank God that He was kind enough to remove me, against my will, to a country far from the USA. 

Hot damn, its 5 and I’m still alive. three days inn bathed in sin, God Knows where I’ve Been and the cost of a Win…another Revolting Development you’ve gotten me in… PopPop


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