Feliz Navidad/Ano Prospero FelizeeDaddio

“Hola ! Adolf the Red Nosed Naxzi here. How do I look? Yeah, lost the stache, dig the Nose? Hey ! Happy days are hear again, eh?  We got us a good f’in’ one goin’ now kids, this ‘ll be a doozy/ a steve doozy, get it ? all trrooper elves have their scripts and explanations in memory till death do us part…” OMG, what? a Day?  Day, uh , y its X marks the spot Day of Course ! in keepin’ with the situation, of cursed, of course. We Financially Got It Planned, I mean: FINALLY and Financially lyx!1

How Lolly of that Jolly Ol’ elf. Jolly that the Lolly of the self on the shelf could have caught her death benath her Dress/not mine!

so on sew on sow to wind or Wind that spinning wheel, flax of flux and flags of gold/transit beings in different worlds, wish you may and wish you might but won’t see shit until its clear and Bright./ i was your friend/i was your bro/ now u bess be lookin’ be fore I Show.

“Lou go see if the castle is Secure, Poor For Voor, pleas sea 4 me she has a Cloak and Dagger/ making sure?/she is warm/that Coat So Warm.” entonces, the poor 4 voor, finito.


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