once there were gods and savages

in a land where gods are humans and nature is the same, Man/ the human species slithered as the dualistic poison dealer and all legged viper of Time and Space… the snake had the whole garden and all the trees to slither within,…  but that ‘ol handsome serpent liked the looks of that creature in flesh and he began a phallic-erect pursuit of what he liked to think of as the feline of species. but…that viper was subtle, and understanding of THEM…he knew how they play, he watched what they do and what they did and then…he waited, thats all, just waited, his job? wait!

Now, This was an amazing creature, this particular snake had all the poison, the stealth,  the moves , the savoir fare and every bait and line he could use, the long and the short of this Serpentine George Clooney is that with patience and stealth the viper got that Booty…how dost thou shake thy Booty? Let Me, count the Way .


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