“Jesus Wept.” …

“Jesus Wept.” so said John the Cousin, the student, the disciple, servant of the Radical, Revolutionary Nazarene Jew who beat the empire at their own Game.

he cried at his friend’s senseless death within the confines of the richest Empire in the known world with it’s great doctors to attend senators and civil servants and Roman rank and file…no shit, Jesus, the friend cried and then died over the cruelty of humans, the callous indifference at the impoverished in a bloody empire, corrupt to the core, their stolen wealth, Pax Romanus, capital punishment, torture and racism… crucifixion was common fare for radical wise asses, big mouths and disagreeable rabble rousers who don’t know their place …yeah, i cried too.

i cried in a jail cell for my church and all my failures to them, the disappointments at …getting sick and falling down …again. 40 years wasn’t enough for them, so they put me on the street …because i had failed in my thinking and challenged the whole ugly religious enclave that i had retired to, this is a religious education better than seminary anywhere …all you have to do is learn what Jesus ACTUALLY SAID. it is the difference between air qualities, cesspool or mountain top ? 

the evangelical trash out there is vile and stupid, it is covert racial garbage in drag, i am the creature from their filthy lagoon. Like my Master, i wept too. I drink alone and prefer my own companeros, i sleep in my own temple and the pines in the Way whisper the Truths to me Now. I am learning to cry like a Man that should Weep for loved ones…and there are many, loved forever ones…i tried to say that there is a difference in what the Master is teaching and the ministers are dealing from the pulpits…look at it.  CHRIST JESUS !  and then the people lay down when the senators and congress=persons shut the public out of their country because nitwits pissed the money on a war for petrol not democracy…C’mon ! ?

and how, pray tell does the church respond? like the beaten hound that it has become …Jesus stood up to all these depots and corrupt creeps, crooked popes, bishops and high priests, …here’s the essence of it …Jesus : “Kill me Asshole, c’mon, kill me, you’re so tough, torture me Pile It ! and all holier than thous…i’ll be back for every single one of you sons of bitches” …so they tortured and killed him… and in the infinite economy of Karmic Lawyers it was easily determined that a purposeful greedy and power driven iscarriage of justice had been perpetrated upon a Tribal Member of note…so that means that these two powers entrusted to the administration of justice had screwed the judge’s daughter, in this case it was a son…

enter Karma…me and Karma walking with the Devil, she wants the Devil with her, he cuts right to the chase…we call him Lou with respect for the way he bears the light in him…a great messenger who has one of the worst jobs in all of Malchut, ya know the earthly kingdom. Entonces, Lou says, ” the atomic clock is about to be rewound, it’s gonna be  a Christmas Harvest, all elves, trolls and golems are rarin’ to go , Demonic Festivals are long in preperations and key players must be seated properly…it’s The Beggars Banquet…it get’s emotional for the faint of heart and excruciatingly painful for the guilty…what’s a 1000 years among so many friends ???”   Lou has a dry sense of humor…sometimes.   


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