This is Simple Opinion.

Short and simple, ala, sound bitings. The human race is in direct conflict with their presently habitable Planet and Environment.  Here’s The Edge: No One Gets Out Alive, use your freedom to discover a place to breathe your last,  and see the Beauty when the Lights go Out … this is not an Orson Welles hoax about space invaders with malice aforethought…

I don’t bet, and i don’t play poker with Fate or Luck, I am into what’s Real out Here…so I’ll tell ya, 87 years from now two thirds of the world’s population will be dead and the remaining will linger suffer and die with disease and mutations of horrific proportions over the following centuries. The species will go extinct…forget the whales and dolphins, orangutans and hedgehogs…the human is going … 

There is No Debate Boys and Girls, Climate Change is all over us …Now ! so keep playing war and keep sucking Oil and poisoning the water and food of the world population, make believe that we will return to the Good Old Days when  we were proud of the good that we Once did.  

The species is facing Extinction and the best your government can do is close public military memorials , and properties, not pay its employees, take more money from women, children, sick, impoverished and elderly Americans ? This is called a psychological and emotional disconnect, so out of Touch at that Critical moment in our history.  So, I will speak for the Human Species, my fellow creatures on the earth, our Father and Mother, The Earth, we cannot survive without our world in that Sweet Spot that was provided, and Now the Spot is Poisoning us . Forget the legislation, tell them to stop Now, the drilling, the drones, the wars, the cars, the industries, the drugs (pharmaceutical)and chemicals and nuclear power plants and nuclear gamesmanship. As a Human Animal with a Conscience for my fellows, I suggest that you will ask, seek, and knock about your environment and what is happening to it. I am not a Tree Hugger, conservationist , scientist, or an environmentalist. I Do Not live under some illusion that mankind will stop its headlong cliff dive into The Abyss. There is no But and No If and what now? I understand us, how we do what we do…Mortal Combat in Nature …a derivation in Hebrew places one of the NAMES of God as synonymous with Nature, …is this Science or Religion? Fact or Fiction ?  The Internet is open for business do some research…find out for yourself…Thats All.


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