When the Truth Becomes Profitable

tis a great time for profit and loss, wheel and plow, match and point…then fish and cut bait. lies are damn profitable these days, politicians have raised lying to high and critical art involving the death and destruction of nations and peoples and ideas and thoughts and ways and means…but it all has a sense of Becoming something or someone or little or nothing…But the Truth ?  Ah, the Truth, the illusive bugger that it is , Pilate’s inquiry, Hitler’s promise, Washington’s experiment…the Truth? The Truth? Can You Handle the Truth ?  Jesus said, I am the Truth…well, J, what in Hell is That supposed to Mean , O great teacher and diviner and exemplifier of This much talked about and maligned stuff …Truth…What is It?   I mean, Jesus H. Christ what is it ?  If You are Supposed to Be The One And Only Truth, what in this Hell on Earth is this Grand Truth, this Trurh that will save us from something worse than what we have made here on the planet? what is that Hell ?  While your at it Jake, tell me about Hell and the Devil , your Father’s Buddy Satan?  Hey J. Boy? 

When the Truth becomes more profitable than these lies the Human Race will move and be passed from Brutal Legacy toward a Profound Grasp of Reality. I am a 21st century disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, not a member of a visible church, the one you are waiting for is already here…so…have a good wait in your weight. !



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