What The Hell Happened to Pete Waters?

no desires over here for me to be eloquent is there? I will wax grandiloquent and with as much plomb as I can muster, but, eloquence? that is doubtful and cause me to wander from a beaten path to the past, after all is said and done my paths are well beaten and so is this vehicle that I am still nursing.

An English teacher once said That I was phlegmatic, rather? So I researched it and immediately realizedhow ignorant and off the mark a teacher could be in an assessment of me, but she did evoke phlegm-ball within me. I remained phlegmatic in her sight all the days of our educational encounters…she remains a phlegm ball in my spirit. Which can be Good of course.

What the hell happened to me? I was a nice kid, I delivered the Asbury Park Press on my bike, shy or was that  sly? Picked strawberries and hunted rabbits and ducks, had a hunting license at 14…liked Ozzie and Harriet and knew what kind of guitar everybody played, always know what they were choppin’at…

It was that god damn rock & roll and those damn drugs and girls and politics and religious uprisings and what not. so I went away with them.  So it took me away to the gypsy life maskedmost of the time lest I be known for the fool I am, what kind and brand of Fool with Foolishness is this ?  Here at the sea of questioned marks inquiry isthe only real sense…and Thence?

No, seriously it was the god damned counter culture they did this to me, too many introductions ata big party as wild and as colorful as writer can get near. I just wanted to get stoned, but no know KNOw, that couldn’t happen with the Tibetan Book of the Dead and good acid, Crossroads of Cream and Wild Westmoreland, it was where all the Flowers had Gone…to our Vietnam War.

Damn right I avoided the draft by lying fabricating and twisting the truth, I got a pass and my good friends went in my place, some died there and some died here

I ain’ no patriot. I ain’ no chicken either homeboy, my people learned to fight with their heads before they drew a bow or a sword, I have studied the Art of War by SunTzu at least a half dozen times on Kindle, I have studied the Proverbs of Solomon alongide the Psalms of his Father and King, Iknew that there was something like god or a God or a Ghost or a Power that was around and pushing buttons with me…I Know that there is more that too many take for granted and that not knowing is only leave you in a most precarious position with the emerging government…Here’s where it gets serious…You don’t see what I see, You are not Discerning what it is that is right in front of you because you are caught in it…What the hell happened to me ?  I studied to show myself as approved to The Creator of All and Hemade me an unashamed worker that correctly gets to handle The Truth.

I gave up the currnent government and its constituent parts many years ago, fifty, in fact,Novemeber of 1963…First Buddy Holly, then JFK?  Holy Shit, suddenly I didn’t want to be president anymore…I wanted to find all true assassins of presidents and get to know them…Kennedy’s is the most complex but certainly the most easily UnDone…stop the madness, these charlatans are still in power with or without Obama.

The first time I thought I heard from God or some other Voice Communication, I was seven years old. That communication has never been broken…Blessed is the man who doesn’t walk with Fools, Talk with fools and damn sure doesn’t sit with fools…his mind and consciousness is set on Higher Laws, and on that he fixates nightand day. Yeah, you and many others in the institutions of my past…God?  This was the beginning of schizophrenia. I became a complete mental case and have remained for decades…talk to the Invisible, (my self included) rage against the darkness in the machines,read the Bible and fight together this holy Arm-a -Gideon in disgust .

The truth. Some Thing in the top of the trees in the wind of Long Island as it wailed about Oyster Bay shook me to scare me awake, stunned to silence at the stirring above me in the pines…what the hell is that, thought I, this is no place to hide and headed for adult companionship, …Ma, what’s Transcendance? …I needed a bathroom and a few unsuspecting adults around, not a metaphysical explanation of childish floating anxiety about trees in the night.