Debbie and Jamie Lee

two ladies new to me in my life don’t you see? they write and then read to me and then i write and they listen, ilisten more than talk, i jus likes the way they says this stuff, they are real writers and have books and blogs and tey teach me allof this and that, theys smart and pretty and write real nice, i like ’em and they don’t even know me well, its ok some day we’ll meet at a book signin’ or somethin’ like that,  Jamie lee is lke James Dean and got a wicked streak to her , but she don’t let that freak flag flt too often. But she knows when to show that and to who!

Debbie is quiet, kinda timid and unsure of her talent, but it’s cool, cause she just doesn’t know yet, she wil, I promised her. She wrote a book of fiction about real people, wow, i could’t put it down until i found out about the circumcision, whoooooooaaa, touchy stuff. She’s like Jane Austen in drag, but better.

So those are my new lady writer friends, Debbie and Jamie Lee, keep your eyes open, they will see ya soon.  Bye!