How Nice of You to Come

how o how did i fantasize this and that, twas not poetic, i thought, twas not even cool, not a suburban gypsy bohemian outlawed ethic or a heritage brought to Connecticut from New Jersey, the old rock and roll idea, so, to speak. This day is like none of the others, not a cute setting, a bit misshapen out of sorts and improperly categorized before digitization, that is a style that i have become accustomed to. I am that techno hybrid that was theorized and worried about back in the day, Jack Shit and Ginsburg with no axes out here for me to grind…now what?

Poetry my motion is but surf upon all y’alls oceans, tis fuels and tools from schools, i saved them in clay wedges my saddle beneath  household idols and dove wings. Everything is handy now, books and ideas and cranks and spoons, shovels headstones plasticene porters and all for a WiFi connection…

i am set in my attic, two light bulbs are my upgrade, but we have Bose Speakers, so, i really don’t concern myself of smaller issues, like another shooting by a youngster in the United States, with some guns that his mother bought for him or didn’t, cut to the chase people, this is news, another ‘Deranged American’ went off the rails, or… another human amps out before our eyes? Only 26 dead. Is the human race evolving? or…is God creating something here that we are totally unaware of?  Stop all this bullshitting about gun control, the human race is in need of getting together to save itself from itself, the creation may very well be able to continue without us as we know ourselves now, Evolution or Creation who cares? Find out how you are going to be able to learn to live with this menacing development.  This is not science fiction and it’s not some biblical epic, BUT, if you are a scientist or spiritualist, old guard or New age believer  it becomes obvious that Something Is Really Going On Here….

i return to the reddest of wines for this day named for a sun god, blood of earth, fruitful change in fermentation, mellowing for the telling of tales ‘neath stars that glint upon the guns of desires with lusts for flesh, red wine vintage divine, holds promises and half truths to be self evident then dispenses but one level of perfection, prescribed beyond and before concepts hit the stages, for stomach esophagus and spleen, how red thy wine…

i bear the burden of your sorrow for your losses, i pray that you may be comforted by the Eternal Goodness.


2 thoughts on “How Nice of You to Come

    • i care that there will be wine enough if friends show up, i can’t bring those people back no matter how bad i try to feel about this, i’m still working on the soldier that shot the civilians in Afghanistan, so, i’ll catch up eventually. Do Something! Do Nothing! Is there a God or Not?

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