Getting the Hangings

i don’t know if anyone reads these or this, who are you out there? I have a new designation…dying guy, ya know like alcoholic and republican, guy who is excitedly approaching his own death with aplomb, c’mon, this is a big deal over here, i’m checking out there will be a room available for lunatics, i’m having fun with it, i am not denying it or the discomfort that may ensue, pain and loss of my good looks, these writings will be what’s left for the afterburn,…”He said that…?”

My blog, i have arrived soaked from wading in streams of consciousness and famished from eating at the Oasis of Open Palms, will get this bird to fly from my precipice even if it is straight down, i will catch up with you.


2 thoughts on “Getting the Hangings

  1. Shimon you are so melodramatic maybe even a bit maudlin, but i commend you on getting down to it, write, you ignoramus, you can banter with James Joyce and Allen Ginsburg before coffee and then get tuned for airplay, break out the wooden matches, smoked thoughts ‘neath black lights are making a comeback

  2. “People tell me that it’s a sin, to know and feel too much within…” Bob Dylan. Life is continual drama, poetry and comedy, language is scat in the ear of the scat-man, i am still stretching from this day’s yawn on my front lawn, i’m working upon my Masterpiece.

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