Dead Man Walking

letting go is what works, pragmatism and dying, ok, so, i’ll be dead what do really desire to do, use reason and accept good reason from yourself, it’s your death take your exit wisely thoughtfully commiseration about the way things might have been is useless now, there is no such thing as might have been, there is…IS

Big deal, to die or…to die, everybody does it, why the …anything, the terrible, dark angel, the grim reaper with the scythe, skeletons and skulls, horror blood sucking vampires, misty cemetaries…it’s a process for Christ’s sake, it’s the natural order of existence, i am going to die, could be sooner may be later, but i don’t function the way i have and i won’t let a doctor tell me why, no prescriptions, no hospitalization no chemo, just old fashioned unadorned unpolished death and dissemination.

I hope to make this a pleasant funny emotional journey, at the end the protagonist dies so don’t try to jump ahead and see some ending that will explain everything, it will only evoke questions of which you must wrestle with or not


2 thoughts on “Dead Man Walking

  1. who do you think you are? i mean besides being a card carrying psychiatric case disabled by your own thought processes, you can’t write and the church has you in their 10 greatest heretics dossier, You are Nuts James, religion fried your circuits, they told you that was a possibility, Daffy, schizobabbler, fanatic dope fiend, Get on with it…Die Dopey!

  2. this is a conversation with my selves, we are functional and sometimes affectionate, our mortality extends a level of kindness respect and tolerance that was not evident in earlier times, yes there are two of us and i am not a crank, more along the lines of a Joseph “John” Merrick, psycho, schizo, looney, nuts, medicated as much as i would let myself be medicated, stopped six months ago, no doctors no shrinks nada, hope this is a gateway to my maladaptation.

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